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I  have bangles and I really like them.They’re very colourful and sparklee.Well the ones I have anyway.So I guess they’re originally from india.I really like them and you don’t have to be india to wear them.My friend that is indian was telling me about them and she has them to and mine are like size 8,which is cool cause I didn’t know that.I bought mine well at claire’s yet again and they’re pretty cheap.They’re so fun to play with and sparklee and stuff it’s just awsome.Anyway I really like them so check it out.


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Neon Nail polish

I really like my neon nail polish.Obvisly it’s really bright.Like so bright at 10pm I was a the park and I could see it glowing.It was really cool.I got my neon nail polish from claire’s,But like I said before I buy everything At Claires.It acully real good cause it  like really dry’s fast and it doesn’t come off that easaly.I don’t really like to wear nail polish but I really like the neon ones I have.Though I have neon converse too!So at claires they have that nailpolish with a bunch of colours in it but if you shake it becomes really nice and neon.More than it normally is.So I really like it, the only place i know they sell it is a Claires so i guess get it there.

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80s Sunglasses

 I really like these 80s sunglasses that people are wearing.I just bought 2 pairs and they’re great.I guess they look like buddy holly’s glasses.But they’re sunglasses.There really cool and my mom said they’re very 80s.I got them at claires,but I usually get everything at claires so yah.There’s so many different colour of them.I hav neon blue and pink ones.I really like them so I think you should get some.

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 I really like Converse.They’re a type of sneakers.They look like really good and they come in sooooooooooooo many different colours and patterns.You can get converse that are long and go up to your Shin but those aren’t that nice.I like the short converse.Mine are neon pink!My old one are plaid.So you can get them in basically any colour or print.They also come in high tops but mine aren’t.They also have really good grip.So I as running around playing a game and i could stop so fast,so the grips are really good.Even better than my good arch support shoes.So I really like Converse,you should go check them out.

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Icing is a store like claires,but it has different stuff.The have more 2 finger rings than Claires which I like.It’s accutully run by claires too.They have really nice stuff like there’s this earing and jewelry holder that they have that’s like a bird cage.It was really cool.Icing has more purses than claires But less like earings nd jellery.So if you want different stuff I say go to Icing even though I like claires better it’s just my opinion but Icing is still nice.

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So the movie Coraline went into theaters a year ago but I still really like it.It’s on dvd now so rent it after you read this.Coraline was a really good movie,well I thought. My grandpa and cousin that it was creepy.Coraline is about this girl(named Coraline)who just moved into a new house.Her parents are really busy and don’t want her bugging them.So coraline is really un-happy and this creepy person from another world see’s this.Now this creepy person see’s this with any kids sho lives there.So in the past other kids went to that other world,It’s only because that creepy person(who calls herself their other mother)sends her weird doll to get them over there.So coraline goes over and has a hole adventure, but I won’t explain the whole movie so your surprised when you see it.But it is a really good movie and it comes in 3.D.The effects are cool.So i totally say to watch it.It’s a book to and that’s a really good book so read that too.And i think the whole movie was filmed with puppets but I’m not sure.So check it out.

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K’naan is a great singer.He sang the song wavin flag.wich is a really good song.It was also use in the fifa 2010 song.But he has a celebration version for the fifa 2010 wich is really good to.And a group of Canadian artist redid waving flag after Hati had its like very huge ginormous earthquake. That version is really good as well.But I knew who everybody was in the song so I was saying like that’s that person and I know that guy,BUT at the end of the song they had Justin beiber who I hate so it kinda wrecked it for me.It’s still a great song.At school the choir is doing wavin flag for multicultural night.i was going join for that song but i didn’t want to.So K’naan is a really good singer and has wavin flag wich is a really good song.So check it out.

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