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17 again

So I know 17 again came out like a year ago.But i got a blog recently so I didn’t get a chance to write about it. Anyway back to the movie.17 again is a really funny movie.My friend victoria told me to watch it.I don’t really like Zac efron so it took me a while to watch it.Even I don’t like him I have to say he did a really good job on this movie.It’s funny and entertaining so nobody falls asleep and snores really loudly.I thinnk his best friend ned in the movie is the funniest and makes to movie.I mean some of the stuff Ned does in the movie is hlarrias.So I would suggest watching it it’s really funny.


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Letters to Juliet

So yesterday I saw Letters to Juliet with my friends and it was a really good movie.Like I hate love story’s like really hate love story’s but this was a really good.It’s about this girl named Sophie and she wants to be a jounorlus.So her and her fiance Victor go to Rome for an early honeymoon.So her victor(her fiance) is opening a restaurant so he’s going to all her suppliers and going on tours.So he leaves for 3 days and Sophie finds these lady’s that get all the letters that girls leave on juliet wall in her house.So she finds one from 50 years ago and she really wants to write back so she does and then the girls grandson come and they go on an adventure to look for the guy that the 65 year girl is looking for and well I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you but I suggest to go see it,it’s a really good movie even for guys.and the background is really good so that’s nice to see.So go see it even if you’re a guy!Letters to Juliet

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Katy Perry California Girls

Katy Perry has this new song called California Girls.It’a really good very like summery I guess.But if your outside playing in the sun than it’s a good song to play at that moment.Its a like brand new I think she has a new album coming out, but I’m not sure so don’t just go out and try to get it.Anyway California Girls is a really good song,snoop dog is in it to, but I think that part wrecks the song but overall it’s a really good song.Right now I’m listening while writing this so I really like it.I think it’s a good song and the snoop dog part is ok but I think he’s parts to long and kinda boring but it’s a really good song and I still like to listen to it.I’ll just link the video to this and listen to it’s really good and has a really good beat and summery cause it’s summer time,well almost!katy perry california girls

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Simpsons Intro

so there was this really funny Simpsons episode intro the other day.I didn’t see it but my friends did so they told me to go watch and it’s hillarias.Like really funny.So it was a new episode and they had ke$has new song tik tok as the intro and it was Lisa singing it and they went through Springfield ad showed everybody,it’s really like seriously funny.Tik tok is a really good song anyway but with everybody lip singing it,it was s0ooooooooooooo funny like really funny.So the links at the end just click and enjoy!   simpsons intro

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Usher is a singer.He was a mentor on american idol aswell.I really like his new song omg.It’s has a really good beat and it’s a well good song.On american idol I think he was a good mentor,and he was really funny.Like he kept saying something funny and you could see that he’s really nice.So I really like the song omg.It’s a good song and I think there’s a cd with that song on it but I’m not sure so check before you try to go get it.i heard him on the radio and he was so mad that he couldn’t be there at the station cause of the giant like ash cloud or whatever I thought that was nice that he called in.So check it out.usher omg

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Graphic tee’s

I like to where graphic tee’s.Mostly cause they usually say something funny,like I have one that says I got a   A+ at talking.I get mine at stitches but you can get then like anywhere but I think the best ones are at stitches and urban planet.My friend has this one that’s really funny thats has mad duck on and says “shut the duck up”.It’s really funny.She got that one at urban planet.So i really like to wear graphic tee’s and their really funny anyways!

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