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Cake Boss

Cake Boss is one of my favourite shows. It’s funny and entertaining and they make really good cakes! Like some of the cakes they make are so good. They look amazing like some of he stuff he can do are awesome. Also, just watching the show you have such a HUGE craving for cake and sugar. The shows about this baker named buddy and his family runs the bakery and it’s all about his cakes and the cakes are amazing. I really like the show, it’s like really funny cause buddy is always pulling pranks on his delivery boys, and it’s really funny. Anyway it’s on tlc Mondays at 9, but those are just the new episodes. They’re usually on all the time.


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Hi. I’m sure most of you the band Hedley. Well if you don’t they’re a band. They have 2 big hits cha ching and perfect. In my opinion I like cha ching way better than perfect but I like have both of them on my iPod so yah. Anyway they’re  a really good band, my favourite. Even my teacher voted for them as her favourite when we were doing surveys.Anyway I would check out both songs Cha Ching and Perfect.Cause they are both good songs but I just think Cha Ching is better.

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Tooth Fairy

Ok, so I know Tooth Fairy is like a little kids movie right. Well I watch it anyway and I liked it. Like it’s not as funny as like Get Smart but it had a few funny scenes. So there was this guy who was like a hockey player and he was telling a girl that there was no tooth fairy blah blah blah. So he got a like note I guess from the tooth fairy place and he has to be a tooth fairy for a week. Well it’s not the best movie ever (Percy Jackson is :)) but I think u should watch it.

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Alice in Wonderland

So last night I saw Alice in Wonderland and it was really good. Better than I expected. The only thing I didn’t like was the end well I guess cause she left wonderland. Also, that they didn’ t talk about her last visit there very much. Either than that it was an amazing movie. Lots of action and Jonny Depp was really good as the mad hatter. I watched it in blue-ray and it was really good qality.So if you didn’t see it in the theaters I would rent it or even buy it. Really good movie.

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