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Harry Potter 7 part 1

So the other day I saw the new Harry Potter movie, and it’s not that amazing. So ya it’s the last movie and it’s finally going to finish, but the 1st 2 are so much better. Now they just look old and in the movie they’re NEVER in Hogwarts.  And there’s like NO action, just talking. In all the other movies they have wand fights and spells. But in this one there’s nothing but walking and talking. So overall it’s an ok movie, not  the best ever, the 1st two were better. The best movie ever is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Also, in the theaters behind my cousins and I, there were these hard-core fans and they started crying in the movie and were really serious about it. It was so funny at the end they got up to leave and they were like ” Were have to go home and talk about this”. It was really funny. Anyway, it’s not worth waiting forever in a line for ( I was lucky I didn’t)! Oh and thank you Thea Luby, Luby, and Stephanie for taking me!!! 🙂


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