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BasketBall Team

So I’m on my schools basketball team.I would just like to say GO TEAM!!! Were an awesome team and were gonna be Selkirk!!! Such a mean team they are. So to get in the mood I’m just gonna type out cheer, ready? ” WE ARE THE LIONS, WE ARE THE LIONS. THE MIGHTY MIGHTY LION, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY LIONS. AND IF YOU CAN’T HEAR US, AND IF YOU CAN’T HEAR US. WERE GONNA SHOW YOU, WERE GONNA SHOW YOU. GO LIONS!!!”


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Since this is my blog and I can say whatever I want, I would like to say that JUSTIN  SUCKS. He needs to stop singing. He the worst singer even and I hate him. So do my friends! Thank you have a nice day!

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We R Who We R Ke$ha

We R Who We R is Ke$ha’s new song. I think it’s a really good song , and very catchy. Whenever I hear the song i get up and dance and sing along, But I also do that to a lot of songs! But We R Who We R is a very good song. I like it, all my friends like it. The song is on her new C.D Canniball. The C.D ‘S ok, but other than We R Who We R and like another 1-2 songs, it doesn’t have any good songs. We R Who We R is a good song to dance too. Even though I think Ke$ha’s best song is Tik Tok. So go listen to that song!

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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Inglesias is a singer. I only like is 2 new songs ” I like it” and Tonight, but he does have more songs.I like it is a song that you just wanna get up and dance too! At the AMA’s, his performance was the most happening and like everybody in the audience was dancing and singing along. Tonight is a good song too. It’s not as get up and dance but it still is a happy song.My faverourite part od the song is the chorus. So if you haven’t heard any of these or his songs then go listen to them, cause they are good.

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