Party Rock Anthem LMFAO

So before I start, I’m just warning you guys that too much exposure to this song will make you dance /shuffle 24/7. Be warned the major awesomeness of this song will make you addicted. Ok here we go. Party Rock Anthem is THE BEST SONG EVER!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! You here it, and all you want to do is dance, sing along and never stop! I listened to it once, and I was addicted. If you watch the video and listen to the lyrics you’ll get that this song is set to be shuffled to. I can’t shuffle that well but I do the running man whenever I here it, but this song will make you totally do something like that. It’s a dance party song.

LMFAO is a singing pair of two guys. I don’t really like any of their songs except this one, because it’s AMAZING! So I’m not like a huge fan but this song is amazing.  Party Rock Anthem


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  1. 1

    jaspreet said,

    i love this song

  2. 2

    christine said,

    Party Rock is da house tonight, everybody just have a good time!!

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