Son of Neptune

If you are not one of my friends or family, you will not know that for the last few months before the book came out, I was going insane! I was exciting anticipating the sequel to The Lost Hero. Well, I did read the Son of Neptune, and it was AMAZING! A perfect balance between action, reality, gods and mythology, and not to forget, all the references to books from the previous series. It’s so awesome that characters, even tiny tiny part characters from the original 5 books are in it. Every time someone said Percy Jackson, I would freak out! ” YA IT’S MY MAN PERCY!” Now, if you don’t already know, or you are really behind and have not read it, the book is all about Percy, and the Roman camp and campers. Jason ands his buddy’s at Camp Half-Blood are not in it. Well….. you’ll have to read the book to see!


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