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The Hunger Games

Yes, yes I know! I have been absent from blogging for quite awhile now! I’m very sorry! However, I am know back with many stories to write! I would like to thank everyone who has been coming to my blog during my….. leave :).

Anyway, Im here to write about my second favourite book series ( Percy Jackson’s still my first), The Hunger Games!

I cant even begin to describe how much I love this series! To really get how much I love these books, you will need to talk to me in person, while wearing earplugs! I would be talking so loudly, my voice full on excitement! However, the books do have a few spelling errors, and editing  problems, but that doesn’t matter! The story is really well written, with an exception to those problems I addressed.  Now for the actual story and the plot,  IT’S AMAZING!!! I still can’t even begin to express how good it is! Yes, I know what many of you may be thinking “But Georgia,aren’t these books extremely violent, and describe peoples death to full detail. I don’t think its very appropriated!”. Don’t worry, I totally get where your coming from. All my friends and I agree that it is very violent and gory. You could ask anybody who has read the books, and they’ll tell you the same, but Im not sure what it is. No kid I know who has read the books, got cared about that, or got scared by it. Quite a few of my teachers and other adults have brought this up, but nobody age 11- 15 has said anything about it. My older brother might have said he thinks that’s not going to be a good book, but not everyone has to like it! Even though a majority of people ( a lot over 15 as well) LOVE  “The Hunger Games”, and I agree.

Now I’m not going to do a whole summary here, because  A LOT ( basically everyone I know) hate spoilers. So by doing a summary it will be full of spoilers! So if you haven’t read ” The Hunger Games” yet, and have somehow not been persuaded to by all the hype about it, I hope I did, and that you will go out and read it!


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The Last Olympian

Ok so The Last Olympian is the last one in the Percy Jackson and the olympians series.I think, anyways it was really good like awsomelly good.It’s like the longest one but it was the best .So much stuff was happening i coulden’t put the book down and i actully got stuck in the book reading for 3 hours straight.Wich is a long ktime for me to read without stoping.So there’s a lot of stuff happening and it’s really exciting. Unfortenly this is the lats book like i said before so i’m like really sad casue it was such a good series. I hope there’s another one coming out cause the like last page was kinda open like somthing else is going to happen but i was a good ending though. Anyway i say to read it casue it is so good.

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Battle of the Labyrinth

so i just finished  battle of the was  good,might have been the best one.It was very exciting, even though most of the time they’re in the dark labyrinth.A lot was going on so it always kept you entertained.I read it in 2 days cause it was so exciting, like I couldn’t the book down, and it had like almost 4 hundred pages. So this one was the 4th one so there’s only one mare book left :(. Unfortenlly it’s still hard cover and it won’t be soft until July. I really hate reading hard covers but i have too. Anyway the book was great, of to read the 5 one :)!

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The Titans Curse

So I finished reading The Titans Curse and I really liked it.I think I was better than the 2nd one but i not sure if it was better than the 1st one. I liked how at the ended and that it makes you wanna read more. I know I do but I wanted to check on my blog.So like I was saying I dunno if it was better than the first one but it was good. It was very exciting and I likes how the gods talk a lot in the book.So i hope there are movies coming out for the rest of the books and if there are that there more like the book cause the books are awesome.

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Sea of Monsters

sea of monsters is the second book in Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. i read it in like 3 days cause it was so good. It’s funny to. i was reading it in school time and then i just started laughing

and the people at my table were looking at me like what is she doing.Anyway it’s a good book and you should read it before another movie comes out.I don’t know if one is coming out though. And don’t just stop after the 1st book keep reading the series it’s so good. 🙂

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a really good series becuase it’s really funny. i almost done all of them and there just like so good.Also,there soooooooo easy to read like a kindergarten could read it. it’s kinda like a comic book so it’s so easy to read. It’s all about thid kid Greg somethign i don’t remeber his last name and it’s all about him in middle school but it’s just funny. And there’s like his brother Rodrick and his mom and dad and manny it’s just awsome. There is 4 books out and i’m not sure if theres a 5th one coming out but i’ll right it on the blog  if there is. and theres a movie out, i haven’t seen it but if you like the book go see it. I totally recomend reading them.

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