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Puss in Boots!

So, because Im awesome, I went and saw, PUSS IN BOOTS! And let me tell you something, it was awesome! Really funny and well done! They incorporated a lot of other dairy tales, so Humpy Dumpy and Jack and the Bean Stalk were in it too! Most of all, it was just really funny! The whole thing with ” Leche” (milk) was hilarious! So, defiantly a movie to go see or rent!


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Harry Potter 7 part 1

So the other day I saw the new Harry Potter movie, and it’s not that amazing. So ya it’s the last movie and it’s finally going to finish, but the 1st 2 are so much better. Now they just look old and in the movie they’re NEVER in Hogwarts.  And there’s like NO action, just talking. In all the other movies they have wand fights and spells. But in this one there’s nothing but walking and talking. So overall it’s an ok movie, not  the best ever, the 1st two were better. The best movie ever is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Also, in the theaters behind my cousins and I, there were these hard-core fans and they started crying in the movie and were really serious about it. It was so funny at the end they got up to leave and they were like ” Were have to go home and talk about this”. It was really funny. Anyway, it’s not worth waiting forever in a line for ( I was lucky I didn’t)! Oh and thank you Thea Luby, Luby, and Stephanie for taking me!!! 🙂

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Tooth Fairy

Ok, so I know Tooth Fairy is like a little kids movie right. Well I watch it anyway and I liked it. Like it’s not as funny as like Get Smart but it had a few funny scenes. So there was this guy who was like a hockey player and he was telling a girl that there was no tooth fairy blah blah blah. So he got a like note I guess from the tooth fairy place and he has to be a tooth fairy for a week. Well it’s not the best movie ever (Percy Jackson is :)) but I think u should watch it.

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Alice in Wonderland

So last night I saw Alice in Wonderland and it was really good. Better than I expected. The only thing I didn’t like was the end well I guess cause she left wonderland. Also, that they didn’ t talk about her last visit there very much. Either than that it was an amazing movie. Lots of action and Jonny Depp was really good as the mad hatter. I watched it in blue-ray and it was really good qality.So if you didn’t see it in the theaters I would rent it or even buy it. Really good movie.

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17 again

So I know 17 again came out like a year ago.But i got a blog recently so I didn’t get a chance to write about it. Anyway back to the movie.17 again is a really funny movie.My friend victoria told me to watch it.I don’t really like Zac efron so it took me a while to watch it.Even I don’t like him I have to say he did a really good job on this movie.It’s funny and entertaining so nobody falls asleep and snores really loudly.I thinnk his best friend ned in the movie is the funniest and makes to movie.I mean some of the stuff Ned does in the movie is hlarrias.So I would suggest watching it it’s really funny.

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Letters to Juliet

So yesterday I saw Letters to Juliet with my friends and it was a really good movie.Like I hate love story’s like really hate love story’s but this was a really good.It’s about this girl named Sophie and she wants to be a jounorlus.So her and her fiance Victor go to Rome for an early honeymoon.So her victor(her fiance) is opening a restaurant so he’s going to all her suppliers and going on tours.So he leaves for 3 days and Sophie finds these lady’s that get all the letters that girls leave on juliet wall in her house.So she finds one from 50 years ago and she really wants to write back so she does and then the girls grandson come and they go on an adventure to look for the guy that the 65 year girl is looking for and well I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you but I suggest to go see it,it’s a really good movie even for guys.and the background is really good so that’s nice to see.So go see it even if you’re a guy!Letters to Juliet

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So the movie Coraline went into theaters a year ago but I still really like it.It’s on dvd now so rent it after you read this.Coraline was a really good movie,well I thought. My grandpa and cousin that it was creepy.Coraline is about this girl(named Coraline)who just moved into a new house.Her parents are really busy and don’t want her bugging them.So coraline is really un-happy and this creepy person from another world see’s this.Now this creepy person see’s this with any kids sho lives there.So in the past other kids went to that other world,It’s only because that creepy person(who calls herself their other mother)sends her weird doll to get them over there.So coraline goes over and has a hole adventure, but I won’t explain the whole movie so your surprised when you see it.But it is a really good movie and it comes in 3.D.The effects are cool.So i totally say to watch it.It’s a book to and that’s a really good book so read that too.And i think the whole movie was filmed with puppets but I’m not sure.So check it out.

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