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Last Friday Night ( T.G.I.F) Katy Perry

Last Friday Night is an AWESOME SONG. I mean it’s amazing!!! Such a good dance and just singing along song. The theme of the song is very retro, which I love! The video is AWESOME. So funny! Plus Rebecca Black and two people from Glee are in it. Anyway, ya the song is really good and you just want to dance when hear it. Like I wasn’t a Katy Perry fan, but this song made me like her. It’s so awesome and fun. The song of the summer in my opinion. So totally listen to it if you haven’t already. The music video is the best video ever though! Last Friday Night


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Party Rock Anthem LMFAO

So before I start, I’m just warning you guys that too much exposure to this song will make you dance /shuffle 24/7. Be warned the major awesomeness of this song will make you addicted. Ok here we go. Party Rock Anthem is THE BEST SONG EVER!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! You here it, and all you want to do is dance, sing along and never stop! I listened to it once, and I was addicted. If you watch the video and listen to the lyrics you’ll get that this song is set to be shuffled to. I can’t shuffle that well but I do the running man whenever I here it, but this song will make you totally do something like that. It’s a dance party song.

LMFAO is a singing pair of two guys. I don’t really like any of their songs except this one, because it’s AMAZING! So I’m not like a huge fan but this song is amazing.  Party Rock Anthem

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Teenage Dream Katy Perry

Teenage Dream is Katy Perry latest album. It has 4 mega hits, and probably more to come! Teenage Dream, California Girls, Firework, and E.T are her 4 big hits from this C.D. I really can’t choose a favourite from the 4 because they’re so good! I’m not the biggest Katy Perry fan ever, but I don’t hate her as much as I used to. This C.D I don’t have but want! California Girls and Teenage Dream are more dance songs then the other 2. E.t and more Firework aren’t, but they are very good.

California Girls is probably my favourite. Nope I’ve decided it is! It’s good to dance to,and just a happy summer song. For me it was the song og summer 2010. I always get happy when I hear it and is one of my fave songs. Teenage Dream also is a good summer song, but I like California Girls better. The chorus really makes Teenage Dream though. Firework is a song about loving yourself. The message in the song is very good and the music video matches. I also think she looks very pretty in that video. E.T is her latest hit. I like it a lot, but it is a dark kinda winter club song. So I prefer California Girls but, it is a fun song to sing along too. So don’t hate it for that reason. Glee also did a version of California Girls so check that out too!

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Born This Way Lady Gaga

Hey people!! I haven’t written in a while but don’t worry because I’m back!!! No as most of you probably already know I’m a HUGE Gaga fan! Gaga for Gaga baby! For those of you who have been living under a rock, Lady Gaga has a new song Born This Way out. Personally, I think it is awesome and very good to dance too; but I do love dance songs. A lot of people are saying that this is a copy of Madonna’s Express Yourself. I do think it sounds a bit like it but, it’s 2011 not 1989, it’s ok if a song sounds a bit like another; and on the note of it being 2011 ( wow this year has flown by, eh?) MADONNA IS OUT! Lady Gaga is the new thing. So be happy people still think about your music. Anyway, I really like this song, and I know a lot of people who didn’t and now do. The music video is also out. It’s kinda weird, but whatever that’s Gaga.

Judas is the second and only other song that has been released from Gaga’s new album.  I like it a lot also, and think you can dance to it very naturally. I’ll admit the lyrics and title is kinda weird, and a lot of people think it’s offence against god. But she’s just using as a metaphor and not purposely trying to offend people. I mean the meaning of the song is that her boyfriend is cheating on her but she still loves him, so obviously how does that offend people. The video hasn’t come out yet. Judas became #! on Itunes 2 days after being released!

Born This Way the album is coming out May 23rd. It is called Born This Way. It’s Lady Gaga’s fourth album. In my opinion I liked her 1st album ( The Fame) the best, but the other ones are still awesome!

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On the Floor Jennifer Lopez

On the Floor is Jennifer Lopez’s new hit. I like it a lot. It’s cathchy, happy, and a good dance song. It’s actully a like remix from a old song from the 80’s. I like JLO’s version better.It’s really funny if you watch the video, they advertize crown rayal and swavorski a lot. Anyway, I really like the song. I think it’s a good dance and just listening song. It’d very upbeat and makes you wanna dance. So I would totally take the time to listen to it. On the Floor Jenifer Lopez

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Since this is my blog and I can say whatever I want, I would like to say that JUSTIN  SUCKS. He needs to stop singing. He the worst singer even and I hate him. So do my friends! Thank you have a nice day!

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We R Who We R Ke$ha

We R Who We R is Ke$ha’s new song. I think it’s a really good song , and very catchy. Whenever I hear the song i get up and dance and sing along, But I also do that to a lot of songs! But We R Who We R is a very good song. I like it, all my friends like it. The song is on her new C.D Canniball. The C.D ‘S ok, but other than We R Who We R and like another 1-2 songs, it doesn’t have any good songs. We R Who We R is a good song to dance too. Even though I think Ke$ha’s best song is Tik Tok. So go listen to that song!

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