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Forever 21

Forever 21 is a great store. They have a huge selection and great prices. You can find every type of clothing you want. Colourful, plain, patterned, and solid coloured. Dresses and pants. Shirts and skirts. So all types of clothing. I got a nice beach dress from there a few weeks ago. They also have lots of tank tops and anything for the season. Plus, jewelry and other accessories too! So defiantly go check it out. I’m not sure if it’s an only Canadian store, but if you can’t find it in the U.S then yes it is!


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Icing is a store like claires,but it has different stuff.The have more 2 finger rings than Claires which I like.It’s accutully run by claires too.They have really nice stuff like there’s this earing and jewelry holder that they have that’s like a bird cage.It was really cool.Icing has more purses than claires But less like earings nd jellery.So if you want different stuff I say go to Icing even though I like claires better it’s just my opinion but Icing is still nice.

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i like to go to stitches to get my clothes. i really like the skinny jeans they have.Like they look like skinny jeans but the don’t choke your ankles it feels loose wich is good.There stuff is really nice mostly the tee-shirts.They have funny graphic designs onthem My friend got one for easter with chocolate bunny’s on it andwhat it said was hillaryess.Anyway have a good day bye.

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I always go to claires to get jewellery. if you’re a boy than i don’t think you would like the store but keep reading, cause you might need a birthday present for your sister one day.anyway like i was saying i always got to claires.It sounds crazy but i spent $200 dollars at claires since christmas. They have this really cool nail polish that like has 3 or more colours in it it’s do cool.If you shake it. it becomes like really neon.Even though it’s really bright already. Anyway i say go there.Bye. 🙂

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