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Overload Pop

Hey guys!  So I have a great friend who also just started a blog. Since I get a lot of views ( thanks to the 88 people yesterday!) i want all my views to also go check out her blog! It’s So please go check it out!


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Hi everybody who has been reading my blog.Last night I came home from a 4 day trip to barkerville.It’s an historic mining town from the 1850s to 70.I went on a class trip and it was awsome.the 12 hour bus ride wasn’t the best but i still had fun!So that’s why there hasn’t been any new storys.But if you’re in the wonderful province of british Columbia Canada than i suggest you go up and see it!

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Graphic tee’s

I like to where graphic tee’s.Mostly cause they usually say something funny,like I have one that says I got a   A+ at talking.I get mine at stitches but you can get then like anywhere but I think the best ones are at stitches and urban planet.My friend has this one that’s really funny thats has mad duck on and says “shut the duck up”.It’s really funny.She got that one at urban planet.So i really like to wear graphic tee’s and their really funny anyways!

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I  have bangles and I really like them.They’re very colourful and sparklee.Well the ones I have anyway.So I guess they’re originally from india.I really like them and you don’t have to be india to wear them.My friend that is indian was telling me about them and she has them to and mine are like size 8,which is cool cause I didn’t know that.I bought mine well at claire’s yet again and they’re pretty cheap.They’re so fun to play with and sparklee and stuff it’s just awsome.Anyway I really like them so check it out.

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Neon Nail polish

I really like my neon nail polish.Obvisly it’s really bright.Like so bright at 10pm I was a the park and I could see it glowing.It was really cool.I got my neon nail polish from claire’s,But like I said before I buy everything At Claires.It acully real good cause it  like really dry’s fast and it doesn’t come off that easaly.I don’t really like to wear nail polish but I really like the neon ones I have.Though I have neon converse too!So at claires they have that nailpolish with a bunch of colours in it but if you shake it becomes really nice and neon.More than it normally is.So I really like it, the only place i know they sell it is a Claires so i guess get it there.

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80s Sunglasses

 I really like these 80s sunglasses that people are wearing.I just bought 2 pairs and they’re great.I guess they look like buddy holly’s glasses.But they’re sunglasses.There really cool and my mom said they’re very 80s.I got them at claires,but I usually get everything at claires so yah.There’s so many different colour of them.I hav neon blue and pink ones.I really like them so I think you should get some.

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 I really like Converse.They’re a type of sneakers.They look like really good and they come in sooooooooooooo many different colours and patterns.You can get converse that are long and go up to your Shin but those aren’t that nice.I like the short converse.Mine are neon pink!My old one are plaid.So you can get them in basically any colour or print.They also come in high tops but mine aren’t.They also have really good grip.So I as running around playing a game and i could stop so fast,so the grips are really good.Even better than my good arch support shoes.So I really like Converse,you should go check them out.

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