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Hey guys! I just got back from the wonderful country of Greece. I had an amazing first 2 weeks of Summer! I left the first day school was out! It was an awesome trip! Full of sun filled days, beautiful beaches, amazing ruins, and Agamemnon’s 3000 year old palace and tomb! It was totally amazing, and if any of you want to plan a trip to somewhere, I say Greece. It’s amazing, and you will have a great time! I flew Air Canada, and it was an very good flight, so I suggest flying with them. The only problem was this crying baby! OH MY GOSH!! 11 hrs non-stop screaming and crying! Anyway, I’m back in rainy Vancouver and there will be more stories!


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Ok the PNE just opened here in Vancouver.It’s there 100 year anniversary this year! The PNE is awesome i love it there.It is soooooooooo much fun and they’re are so many cool rides and games to play. So since it was the hundred year anniversary this year on the 1st day they had a parade and like famous people were singing and stuff ( sorry but i don’t remember who). Anyway the PNE is totally awesome and if you’re coming to Vancouver by september 6th you should go check it out. It’s really fun. Also, they  have live music every night and on the 28 the band Marianas trench is going to play there! Their really famous now so it’s cool the PNE has them. Any bye!

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Hi Again

Hi again everybody. I just felt like writing a story so I am. I hope all of you are enjoying your summers. I know it’s only the first day but I’m already having lots of fun. I went to the park with my friend and hung out there for a while. There were these cool like blueberry’s things that if you squeeze them they would like gush red stuff. My friend called them blood berrys! Yah so I’m enjoying my summer so far hope all of yours are going great too. I’m going to hope tomorrow for a Canada Day barbeque so I’m excited. Happy Canada Day to everyone :).

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Hey everyone it’s summer.All yor schools are probably finished but for some dum reason my school in going until Tuesday so I hope your all having a great summer so far.Where I live the weather is finally getting better so now it’s summer for us.Anyway after the 2010 winter games here in Vancouver I hope some people are out playing sports cause the weather might not be the same the next day so get outside and I say get an ice cream or slurpee cause it can get so hot in the afternoon and in my opinion I like sugar better than my ps3 so do something and play your video games in the school year or the middle of the night when it’s not sunny and boiling hot.So everyone around the world have a good Summer!!!

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