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Glee is one of my favourite T.V shows. It’s funny, real, and just very entertaining! A lot of people think they wreck songs but, they don’t actually. Like some songs they kinda mess them up but not usually. They made Justin Bieber good!  So I find they’re versions of songs quit good. Before I hated Glee and refused to watch it but, my friend Antonia got me hooked on it. So if you’re one of those people like me and refuse to watch it, watch you’re gonna like it.  Ya it’s addicting. This past week I’ve gone crazy because, I need to watch the next episode. Sadly, the season has ended so I have to wait until september or something like that. SO watch some re-runs while you’re waiting,


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Cake Boss

Cake Boss is one of my favourite shows. It’s funny and entertaining and they make really good cakes! Like some of the cakes they make are so good. They look amazing like some of he stuff he can do are awesome. Also, just watching the show you have such a HUGE craving for cake and sugar. The shows about this baker named buddy and his family runs the bakery and it’s all about his cakes and the cakes are amazing. I really like the show, it’s like really funny cause buddy is always pulling pranks on his delivery boys, and it’s really funny. Anyway it’s on tlc Mondays at 9, but those are just the new episodes. They’re usually on all the time.

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icarly is a great t.v show. It’s really funny and you won’t get bored watching it. It’s all about this webshow that 3 friends are doing (carly,sam,freddie) , buts it’s not a reality t.v show. The show is awsome and funny. It plays on ytv at 6pm and 7pm. The show is filmed in seatle so if you live there go see the building where the film it in. Anyway it’s a really good show and whoevers reading this you should watch it.

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons are an awesome t.v show that have been going on for like twenty years.  there so funny there all about this family the Simpsons and it’s a cartoon wich makes it even funnier. there’s homer,bart,marge and Lisa but those are the main characters, there are lots more. Homer is probally the funniest becuase hs just so dum. it’s so funny. there on like all the time so you can see a show whenever. so i totally suggest watching the simspsons.

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