Last Friday Night ( T.G.I.F) Katy Perry

Last Friday Night is an AWESOME SONG. I mean it’s amazing!!! Such a good dance and just singing along song. The theme of the song is very retro, which I love! The video is AWESOME. So funny! Plus Rebecca Black and two people from Glee are in it. Anyway, ya the song is really good and you just want to dance when hear it. Like I wasn’t a Katy Perry fan, but this song made me like her. It’s so awesome and fun. The song of the summer in my opinion. So totally listen to it if you haven’t already. The music video is the best video ever though! Last Friday Night


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Party Rock Anthem LMFAO

So before I start, I’m just warning you guys that too much exposure to this song will make you dance /shuffle 24/7. Be warned the major awesomeness of this song will make you addicted. Ok here we go. Party Rock Anthem is THE BEST SONG EVER!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! You here it, and all you want to do is dance, sing along and never stop! I listened to it once, and I was addicted. If you watch the video and listen to the lyrics you’ll get that this song is set to be shuffled to. I can’t shuffle that well but I do the running man whenever I here it, but this song will make you totally do something like that. It’s a dance party song.

LMFAO is a singing pair of two guys. I don’t really like any of their songs except this one, because it’s AMAZING! So I’m not like a huge fan but this song is amazing.  Party Rock Anthem

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Glee is one of my favourite T.V shows. It’s funny, real, and just very entertaining! A lot of people think they wreck songs but, they don’t actually. Like some songs they kinda mess them up but not usually. They made Justin Bieber good!  So I find they’re versions of songs quit good. Before I hated Glee and refused to watch it but, my friend Antonia got me hooked on it. So if you’re one of those people like me and refuse to watch it, watch you’re gonna like it.  Ya it’s addicting. This past week I’ve gone crazy because, I need to watch the next episode. Sadly, the season has ended so I have to wait until september or something like that. SO watch some re-runs while you’re waiting,

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Sea to Sky

Hey guys!! I just came back from camping with my school. We went to Sea to Sky. It’s a program about sustainable living. So we learned all about the environment. Oh and by the way Canada, we produce the most garbage in the world, plus 95% of that can be recycled. So I’m giving you guys a challenge. How about we bump up a few spots, eh?

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Hey people! As some of you may know, I live in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia. So I’m a Canucks fan. I was so happy when we beat Chicago, but now we have Nashville. To be honest I feel bad for Nashville because i don’t think anyone cares in Nashville about hockey. Plus they don’t have like any superstars on their team. But never the less I still want the Canucks to win. So let’s go team!

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Yes that’s right! We have a Facebook page! Like us at!/pages/Georgia-World/212968128731492?sk=wall  Thanks for your support!

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Overload Pop

Hey guys!  So I have a great friend who also just started a blog. Since I get a lot of views ( thanks to the 88 people yesterday!) i want all my views to also go check out her blog! It’s So please go check it out!

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